Aelian, Historical Miscellany 12.61
Dionysios attacked Thurii with his fleet, bringing three hundred ships manned with hoplites. A headwind from the north damaged the vessels and destroyed his armada. As a result Thurii offered sacrifice to Boreas, decreed rights of citizenship to the wind, allocated to it a house and plot of land, and established an annual festival. So the Athenians were not alone in claiming kinship with him; the Thurians also declared him to be their benefactor. Pausanias says the men of Megalopolis did the same.

Diodoros Sikeliotes, Library of History 12.10.5-7
Many accepted the offer and received an oracular response from Apollo that they should found a city in the place where there would be water to drink in due measure, but bread to each without measure.

They put in at Italy and arriving at Sybaris they set about hunting the place which the god had ordered them to colonize. Having found not far from Sybaris a spring called Thuria, which had a bronze pipe which the natives of the region called medimnos, and believing this to be the place which the god had pointed out, they threw a wall about it, and founding a city there they named it Thurium for the spring. They divided the city lengthwise by four streets, the first of which they named Heracleia, the second Aphrodisia, the third Olympias, and the fourth Dionysias, and breadthwise they divided it by three streets, of which the first was named Heroa, the second Thuria, and the last Thurina. And since the quarters formed by these streets were filled with dwellings, the construction of the city appeared to be good.

Justin, Epitome of the Philippic History of Pompeius Trogus 20.1
The city of Thurii they say that Philoctetes built; and his monument is seen there to this day, as well as the arrows of Hercules, on which the fate of Troy depended, laid up in the temple of Apollo.


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