Pausanias, Description of Greece 4.23.10
Mantiklos founded the temple of Herakles for the Messenians; the temple of the god is outside the walls and he is called Herakles Mantiklos.

Pausanias, Description of Greece 4.24.3
Heaven forteold their return to Peloponnese to the Messenians. It is said that in Messene on the Straits the priest of Herakles saw a vision in a dream: it seemed the Herakles Mantiklos was bidden by Zeus as a guest to Ithome.

Pliny, Natural History 3.14
In this island there are five colonies and sixty-three cities or states. Leaving Pelorus and facing the Ionian Sea, we have the town of Messana, whose inhabitants are also called Mamertini and enjoy the rights of Roman citizens; the promontory of Drepanum, the colony of Tauromenium, formerly called Naxos, the river Asines, and Mount Ætna, wondrous for the flames which it emits by night. Its crater is twenty stadia in circumference, and from it red-hot cinders are thrown as far as Tauromenium and Catina, the noise being heard even at Maroneum and the Gemellian Hills. We then come to the three rocks of the Cyclopes, the Port of Ulysses, the colony of Catina, and the rivers Symæthus and Terias; while more inland lie the Læstrygonian Plains.


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