Juvenal, Satires 4.34-44
Begin, Muse. And Calliope, you may be seated: this is no
recitation, the truth’s our theme. Come, girls of Pieria, tell
your story, and may my terming you girls do me some good.
In the days when Rome was that bald Nero, Domitian’s slave,
when that last of the Flavians was mangling a dying world,
a marvellous hulk of an Adriatic turbot came to light,
below the Temple of Venus that graces Doric Ancona,
filled the net, and stuck fast, no smaller than those fish
the Sea of Azov hides, that when the sun melts the ice
at last, find their way down to the Black Sea straits,
bloated from long idleness and from the enduring cold.

Strabo, Geography 5.4.2
Of its cities, Ancona is of Grecian origin, having been founded by the Syracusans who fled from the tyranny of Dionysius. It is situated upon a cape, which bending round towards the north forms a harbour; and it abounds in wine and wheat.


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